Saturday, January 4, 2020

Transit (2019)

This movie was on many critics (and Barak Obama's) Top Ten lists for the year.
The movie starts out with the familiar police siren. Two men are having a dialog. "Why are you still here? Paris is being sealed off."

Based on a 1944 novel about a Communist Jewish German trying to leave Vichy France for Mexico. Through a series of events the man gets a chance to assume the identity of a dead man who has a visa out of France.
The interesting thing about the movie is that there are no Nazis. Many of the things in the movie are contemporary such as the cars, weapons, police uniforms. But there are also typewriters and sets more reminiscent of 1944. The movie is clearly a metaphor for the similarities of the 1944 Jewish refugees in Nazi Europe and the current problems of refugees in our contemporary world.
A very good film with a really interesting experimental style.