Thursday, January 23, 2020

Lord of the Rings

I never saw the whole series. I think saw the first one,  and then just bits of pieces of all three of them through the years. When I saw them it would just seem like random battles scenes, mostly with good guy looking people fighting orcs.

Bu all three movies stayed in the top 15 on Imdb through the years, so I decided to watch them all from beginning to end. Nine hours later, as someone who doesn't really like fantasy, I have to admit I was wrong. They were really good, and probably border on being great.

Great cast and cinematography with a very good story which makes sense when you watch it all in a row (not separated by years).

What I thought was really cool was that while Frodo was the heroic protagonist in the story, I think that it is Sam who evolves into the real hero as the story goes on. Without Sam, Frodo would never have made it.

Sometimes it's the little fellow that saves the day. Great trilogy, which really only makes sense when you see them all together.