Thursday, January 2, 2020


Written and directed by first time director, Mati Diop, who which she became the first black female director to be in contention for the Cannes Film Festival's highest prize, the Palme d'Or. At Cannes, Atlantics won the Grand Prix.

The film is set in Dakar and follows a young girl named Ada who has been promised to a rich young man named Omar. The wedding is being planned, but Ada is in love with construction worker Souleiman.
Ada has to choose between being comfortable or being happy. Being happy is not so easy though because it would mean being poor and disappointing her family.
Ada's choice is made easier. Souleiman has been part of a crew constructing a new building, but they haven't been paid in months. The young men take off for Spain a boat and an unhappy Ada gets married.
For me the first part of the movie is beautifully done as we look into the life of the poor in a different culture.
The movie then takes a drastic turn when the men, who have died and their ship has sunk, come back and inhabit the bodies of the women they loved and others. The zombie like creatures now try to get the back pay of the dead men.
Interesting, worth seeing, but the second half didn't work for me.